Are you confused about what you want and how you are actually going to achieve it?

Do you like the idea of Personal Training but you are either time poor or can’t justify the cost at the moment?

What is Health Coaching ?

Health coaching provides structure, accountability and inspiration to help you reach your goals more effectively.  Coaches work together with clients to create positive lifestyle habits that will enhance their health and wellness.  Many find it a more cost effective alternative to personal training.

How does it work?

We have an initial meeting to discuss your goals, your lifestyle and what works best for you. During this meeting we work together to create a structure to help you achieve your objectives. We then catch up on a regular basis (fortnightly or monthly) either face to face or over the phone or by email to monitor your progress and re-evaluate your plan.  Sessions are purely on a consulting basis – you get advice based on your individual needs and will still be held accountable to ensure you are getting results.

How can Health Coaching help me?

Health Coaching helps you by providing:

  • Initial Goal setting & continual setting of new challenges to ensure you are moving forward towards your goals
  • Initial fitness testing and weigh in plus follow up 
  • Tools to meet your goals - help with scheduling workouts into your busy lifestyle, at home workouts, meal planning, food diary assessment
  • Identifying any obstacles and help to come up with strategies to overcome them
  • Educate you to help you make healthier food and lifestyle changes
  • Shopping tour if required
  • Help to find a balance between training, nutrition and the little things in life
  • Email/phone support
  • Continuous adjustments to your plan based on results/activity etc...


It was the missing link I needed.

“Health coaching complemented my exercise program perfectly and helped me achieve my goals much quicker than exercise alone.  After setting some goals and being re-educated on portion size and food combinations suitable for me body type, I found weight maintenance much easier.  Having Jo guide and support me throughout (and keep me accountable) was the missing link I needed!"

— Hesn, Ryde